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Move It To Lose It has been sold on the world's largest shopping channel, QVC in the U.S.

Do you finally want to lose weight and keep it off? 
Has your Doctor told you to lose weight by decreasing the amount of food that you eat and increasing your activity, but you don't know how or where to begin? Then Move It To Lose It® is for you! It gives you everything you need to LOSE WEIGHT!

My name is Karen and I will teach you how to decrease the amount of food that you eat, while still eating all the foods that you love! I will show you how to move for only 20-minutes a day, 5 times a week to lose weight and gain energy and confidence!

- The MOVE IT TO LOSE IT 20-minute video - 
- It is an easy to follow, gentle exercise video. There are no complicated moves and it is like a walking type video. It is hosted by someone who knows how it feels to be overweight and out-of-shape. 
- I'm not a model, celebrity or fitness guru who is naturally thin, telling you what exercises to do to lose weight. These are the same exercises that I did to lose 75 pounds! I know how you feel! Unlike their high impact and 60 minutes long videos, this is a real video for real peopel! 
- Almost anyone at any age and fitness level can do my video!
- It took almost a year to make because it was made including footage of me exercising before and after I lost weight. It is very motivating because I lose weight in front of your eyes. 
- I constantly encourage you throughout the video! The flashbacks of me doing the same exercises 75 pounds heavier will keep you motivated to prove that if I can do it, so can you!

- It lets you know that you can still eat all the food that you love, just in moderation. I never had hunger pains because I made sure that I ate breakfast, had a snack, had lunch, had a snack and then had dinner. I ate all through the day and so can you! 
- It discusses the food groups and why each one is important for our body.
- It lets you know how many servings from each food group you will be eating to lose weight. 
- It tells you about my lifelong battle trying to control my weight.

- I share my menus of what I ate in a day to lose weight. You can choose to follow them or eat whatever you'd like. It lets you see what, and how, I ate using the portion advice in Prescription for Wellness. It makes it easier for you! 
- I share the recipes of some of the food that I ate while losing weight. The whole family can eat what you're eating. You'll just be having a smaller portion than what they are eating.

- The DEAR DIARY Pad - 
- It's a 60-day supply of sheets so you can keep track of everything you eat in a day like I did. It's been proven that people are more successful with their weight loss when they keep a log of everything they eat. 
- I kept track of everything that I ate in a day and share those sheets in the Menu section of Menus and Recipes. 
- I tried to make it easy for you to lose weight so you can follow my Menus or mix and match or eat whatever you'd like. The DEAR DIARY sheets will allow you to see what you've eaten in a day and how much of each food group you have left to eat in a day. Keep them in your purse or on your fridge or wherever it is convenient for you.

Move It To Lose It includes:

- 20-minute low impact DVD 

- Prescription for Wellness

- Menus and Recipes  

- 60-Day Supply of DEAR DIARY Sheets


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